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Ramar of the Jungle

An unofficial tribute to the
Ramar of the Jungle
television program 1952-53 starring Jon Hall

RAMAR of the JUNGLE was a syndicated 30 minute live-action jungle adventure series that followed the adventures of physician and research scientist, Dr. Tom Reynolds, known to the natives as Ramar, which means "white medicine man".

Charlie, Howard, and Ramar on an adventure
A total of 52 episodes were produced in 1952-53 by Rudolph Flothow for Arrow Productions. The show featured Jon Hall as Dr. Tom Reynolds, a research scientist whose parents were missionaries in Africa when he was a child. The natives refer to him as the great Ramar, the white medicine man. He is returning to Africa with his associate Ray Montgomery as Professor Howard Ogden. Episodes were set in Africa and India, but filmed in Hollywood. They were produced in four sets of thirteen episodes, and released in the 1953 and 1954 television seasons. Each series of thirteen episodes is distinguished by a different director and different opening and closing credits. Throughout these episodes Ramar and Howard were accompanied on their adventures by various guides. Charlie, the Cockney guide from Capetown (James Fairfax), with his parrot Walter, guided them during the first series in Africa. Zahir, (Victor Millan), guided them in the next series of episodes as they visited India. Finally, they returned again to the jungles of Africa, and were guided in the third and fourth series' of episodes by the native Willy (Nick Stewart), with his pet monkey, Babette. I have prepared episode guides arranged alphabetically, by airdate, and chronological order for your reference.
the RAMAR episodes

Three episodes of each series were designed with related storylines so that four theatrical feature films were released by Lippert Productions from 1953-55 compiled directly from the tv episodes: White Goddess (1953), Eyes of the Jungle (1953), Thunder Over Sangoland (1955), and Phantom of the Jungle (1955). In addition, movies were released for television in 1964 by I.T.C., each running about 80 minutes, and taking its content from the tv episodes.
the RAMAR movies
Ramar, Howard, and Zahir rescue the Princess
Ramar, Howard, and Charlie meet the White Goddess
RAMAR was an exciting show for many of us who were children at that time. Plenty of merchandising items quickly became popular to capitalize on the popularity of the show. Jon Hall toured the major cities promoting the show and it's merchandise. Probably the most popular is the board game released by the Dexter Wayne Company in 1953, which all youngsters wanted. Among some of the many items kids collected were comic books and the "Safari Scouts" membership card. Toys included puzzles, coloring books, toy guns, safari hats and suits, and a toy village with plastic natives and animals. Many of these RAMAR of the JUNGLE memorabilia items can be found for sale on eBay.
some RAMAR items

Though RAMAR of the JUNGLE is no longer broadcast on television, videos of many of the tv episodes and some of the theatrical movies are still available and can be purchased from Moviecraft. They are good quality videos and the folks at Moviecraft are great to deal with. You can also find RAMAR tv episodes available on DVD from Alpha Video. At least 40 of the 52 episodes are now available and they are great quality. I have one of the released for television movies "Ramar and the Savage Challenges" on VHS video taken from my 16mm film print. It can be purchased from me by clicking here: Savage Challenges.
Jon Hall with a picture of himself as Ramar
Jon Hall
Ramar, Howard, and Willy in danger

Don't Remember RAMAR of the JUNGLE? Or have never seen it? Click here for a preview. A RAMAR fan or want to know more? Take a look at my RAMAR notes. I hope you will once again enjoy being with the great Ramar, Dr. Tom Reynolds, and his friends on their jungle adventures!


David Taylor
April 22, 2006