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Ramar of the Jungle
Ramar and the Savage Challenges
83 minutes, Black and white. VHS video tape made from a 16mm film print. (DVD available soon.)

Ramar, Howard, and Willy face four "challenges" in this movie. In the first they must save a Chief who was taken ill and stop a witch doctor from taking control of the tribe. In the next robbers try to gain control of oil rights by causing the tribes to fight among themselves. In the third challenge they discover a gravesite and must deal with murder and foul play. The last challenge concerns a young woman who has been hypnotized to believe she is a leopard and goes on killing rampages at night. Lots of Action in this one!

Each tape is only $14. Media mail shipping is included in that price.

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Each tape is only $14. (DVD available soon.) Media mail shipping is included in that price.

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