Ramar of the Jungle
The Episodes

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Titles in chronological order with brief synopsis

There were 52 episodes produced in 1952-53 by Arrow Productions, Inc. Each is approximately 26 minutes and filmed in black and white on 35mm film.

Episode titles listed in alphabetical order:

1 Blind Peril
2 The Blue Treasure
3 The Bride of the Idol
4 The Burning Barrier
5 Call to Danger
6 Contraband
7 The Crocodile God of Kaa
8 Curse of the Devil Doll
9 Danger in Disguise
10 Dark Justice
11 Dark Venture
12 The Devil Soul
13 The Doomed Safari
14 Drums of Doom
15 Drums of the Jungle
16 Evil Strangers
17 Evil Trek
18 The Flaming Mountain
19 The Flower of Doom
20 The Forbidden Village
21 The Golden Tablet
22 The Hidden Treasure
23 Idol Voo-Doo
24 Jungle Terror
25 Jungle Treasure
26 Jungle Vengeance
27 King of the Watus
28 Lady of the Leopards
29 The Lost Safari
30 The Mark of Shaitan
31 Mark of the Bola
32 The Mask of Kreenah
33 The Mystic Pawn
35 The Road of No Return
36 The Sacred Monkey
38 Savage Fury
39 Striped Fury
40 Thunder over Sangland
41 The Tiger's Claw
42 Trail to Danger
43 The Tree of Death
44 Tribal Feud
45 The Unknown Terror
46 Urn of Destiny
47 Valley of No Return
48 The Voice in the Sky
49 Voice of the Past
50 White Man's Magic
51 White Savages
52 Zombie Terror

Episode titles listed in chronological order of production:

1st series: Directed by Wallace Fox. Africa. Charlie is guide.
Opening Title: Ramar shoots at roaring lion. Closing credits: jungle landscape
1 Evil Trek
2 Contraband
3 Jungle Terror
4 Striped Fury
5 Blue Treasure
7 Sacred Monkey
8 Drums of the Jungle
9 Doomed Safari
10 Tribal Feud
12 Danger in Disguise
13 White Savages
The Mask of Kreenah
The Burning Barrier

2nd series: Directed by Paul Landres. India. Zahir is guide.
Opening Title: roaring tiger. Closing credits: Indian design
14 Mark of Shaitan
15 Devil Soul
16 Urn of Destiny
18 Crocodile God of Kaa
19 Tiger's Claw
20 Forbidden Village
23 Bride of the Idol
24 Road of No Return
25 Unknown Terror
Flower of Doom
Mystic Pawn
Hidden Treasure
Voice in the Sky

3rd series: Directed by Sam Newfield. They return to Africa. Willy is guide.
Opening Title: jungle river. Closing credits: over native mask
27 Call to Danger
28 Blind Peril
29 Jungle Vengeance
30 King of the Watus
31 Idol Voo-Doo
32 Mark of the Bola
33 Curse of the Devil Doll
34 Dark Venture
35 Lady of the Leopards
36 Drums of Doom
37 White Man's Magic
38 Voice of the Past
39 Savage Challenge

4th series: Directed by Spencer Bennet. Africa. Willy is guide.
Opening Title: native tribe dancing. Closing credits: over native mask, same as third series
40 Lost Safari
41 Golden Tablet
42 Flaming Mountain
43 Zombie Terror
46 Trail to Danger
47 Jungle Treasure
49 Thunder Over Sangoland
51 Evil Strangers
52 Dark Justice
Savage Fury
Queen of the Sidonis
Tree of Death
Valley of No Return

Episode titles listed in order of syndicated airdate:

1. Evil Trek, April 18, 1953 syndicated airdate
2. White Savages, April 25, 1953
3. Drums of the Jungle, May 2, 1953
4. Doomed Safari, May 9, 1953
5. Tribal Feud, May 16, 1953
6. Mask of Kreenah, May 23, 1953
7. Voice in the Sky, May 30, 1953
8. The Burning Barrier, June 6, 1953
9. Unknown Terror, June 13, 1953
10. Danger in Disguise, June 20, 1953
11. Mark of Shaitan, June 27, 1953
12. Jungle Treasure, July 4, 1953
13. The Blue Treasure, July 11, 1953
14. Mark of the Bola, July 18, 1953
15. Curse of the Devil Doll, July 25, 1953
16. The Golden Tablet, August 1, 1953
17. Lady of the Leopards, August 8, 1953
18. Drums of Doom, August 15, 1953
19. Flaming Mountain, July 22, 1953
20. White Man's Magic, August 29, 1953
21. Voice of the Past, September 5, 1953
22. Zombie Terror, September 12, 1953
23. Savage Challenge, September 19, 1953
24. Savage Fury, September 26, 1953
25. Thunder Over Sangoland, October 3, 1953
26. Valley of No Return, October 10, 1953
27. Evil Strangers, October 17, 1953
28. Dark Justice, October 24, 1953
29. Queen of Sidonis, October 31, 1953
30. The Tree of Death, November 7, 1953
31. Trail to Danger, November 11, 1953
32. Call to Danger, November 21, 1953
33. Idol Voo-Doo, November 28, 1953
34. King of the Watus, December 5, 1953
35. Dark Venture, December 12, 1953
36. The Lost Safari, December 19, 1953
37. The Sacred Monkey, December 26, 1953
38. Blind Peril, January 2, 1954
39. Jungle Vengeance, January 9, 1954
40. The Devil Soul, January 16, 1954
41. The Urn of Destiny, January 23, 1954
42. Hidden Treasure, January 30, 1954
43. The Crocodile God of Kaa, February 2, 1954
44. The Tiger's Claw, February 13, 1954
45. Forbidden Village, February 20, 1954
46. Mystic Pawn, February 27, 1954
47. Bride of the Idol, March 6, 1954
48. Road of No Return, March 13, 1954
49. Flower of Doom, March 20, 1954
50. Contraband, March 27, 1954
51. Jungle Terror, April 3, 1954
52. Striped Fury, April 10, 1954

Episode titles listed with brief synopsis:

Evil Trek
Ramar travels into the jungle in search of the White Goddess, a tribal leader supposedly possessing the secret of perpetual youth. He finds her, and himself, in terrible danger.

Bruxton and his partner, two ivory hunters, want to kill elephants and sell the ivory. They are discovered and pursued by the Niganatu tribe.

Jungle Terror
A plane crashes in the jungle and is located by the Agomi, a hostile tribe of cannibals. The Wakullas, a friendly tribe, and Ramar help rescue two survivors.

Striped Fury
Jack O'malley, an animal trapper, is chasing his two escaped tigers. While in pursuit of the tigers, a voodoo Devil Doll is used to poison Howard.

The Blue Treasure
While fleeing from a band of natives, Ramar, Howard, and Charlie take refuge in a cave and discover a supply of cobalt.

The Sacred Monkey
Howard is attacked by a black panther. Charlie takes him to a nearby village where he is cured with the help of a Garu monkey that the natives believe has special healing powers. Ramar finds the monkey has a secret of long life.

Drums of the Jungle
Ramar encounters a trader who is buying ivory tusks from the natives that were stolen from a sacred elephant burial ground. Van Tyne's houseboy, Jaba, is accused.

Doomed Safari
A man and his wife visit Ramar and against Ramar's advice the man goes into the jungle in search of uranium.

Tribal Feud
Trudy Van Tyne is kidnapped by natives who want to make her their White Goddess.

Danger in Disguise
Two white traders rob Ramar of his serum and research data in attempt to capitalize on its value.

White Savages
Two escaped convicts get together with the White Goddess, whom they know to be an impostor, and the three rob the tribe of precious jewels.

Mask of Kreenah
A white trader and his wife steal a sacred jewel from a native chief. The jewel is the eye of the mask of Kreenah.

The Burning Barrier
A jungle tribe is suffering from an epidemic. Ramar attempts to get a remedy from an old witch doctor who possesses the only known cure. His return is hindered by a huge jungle fire.

Mark of Shaitan
Ramar and Howard travel to India as guests of the Maharaja. Howard becomes seriously ill when he is branded with the mark of Shaitan.

The Devil Soul
A native is believed to be dead and his body burned. Actually he's alive and the death is a plot to cover for the stealing of jewels from the temple. Ramar saves the native's life and must uncover the plot.

The Urn of Destiny
Archeologist Charles Mitchell steals the Urn of Destiny. He becomes ill and Ramar tries to help, only to find that a curse on Mitchell is what is making him ill and he can not recover until the urn is returned.

The Crocodile God of Kaa
A Native comes to camp claiming the tribe has taken his wife to sacrifice to the Crocodile God. Ramar sets out to rescue her and finds himself in a wrestling match with the leader of the Mugger Men.

The Tiger's Claw
Mysterious murders take place that are blamed on the man-eating tiger. Ramar discovers foul play when he finds that the murders are actually committed by a white man using a poisoned tiger's claw.

Forbidden Village
Ramar meets a photographer who has escaped from the forbidden village. Ramar and Zahir enter the village to save the many natives believed to be dying from the plague, but gets into serious trouble. The photographer and Howard come to their rescue.

Mystic Pawn
A yogi succeeds in persuading the daughter of a businessman to join a cult.

Hidden Treasure
A medallion hidden by a dying man leads Ramar and Howard to the sacred temple of Kaleb. There they witness a holy ceremony where a high priest is buried alive.

Bride of the Idol
Princess Nadja is to be sacrificed to the idol. Zahir and Ramar prove that the idol is a fake and the Indian Fakir is killed. Nadja does a great Indian dance in this episode.

Unknown Terror
A teakwood lumbering camp is in danger because of mysterious accidents and unexplained damage.

Voice in the Sky
A white settler uses the Valley of Echoes to summon natives for his cause.

Road of No Return
Ramar, Howard, and Zahir drink from a well of mysterious water, fall asleep, and their adventure is a dream.

Flower of Doom
Two Americans are caught by jungle tribesman of the Shotas when they attempt to steal the sacred tablet of Vyasa.

Call to Danger
Two men seeking jungle gold turn a tribal leader against a missionary and his sister who send for Ramar for help.

Blind Peril
Ramar arouses the natives to protect themselves against unscrupulous outlaws.

Jungle Vengeance
Ramar rescues a young woman missionary from the perils of the jungle.

King of the Watus
A woman wants to travel into the jungle country in search of her husband who she believes is living with the Watus natives.

Idol Voo-Doo
Professor Pomeroy steals sacred idols from the natives. They believe Ramar is responsible and hold Howard and Willy hostage until the statues are returned.

Mark of the Bola
A Group of natives find members of a safari mysteriously killed. Ramar, Howard, and Willy find a survivor wandering in the jungle. The natives believe she is a she-devil.

Curse of the Devil Doll
Ramar, Howard, and Willy travel into the jungle to aid a man who is seriously ill. His partner has been using a voodoo devil doll to try to get the man to reveal the location of a valuable mine.

Dark Venture
Ramar finds the lives of many natives are at stake. A ruthless woman scientist is obsessed with testing her invention, a lethal atomic gas, on a village of peaceful natives.

Lady of the Leopards
Ramar and Howard discover a beautiful woman imprisoned in a jungle cage. She is believed to become a leopard by night killing innocent natives.

Drums of Doom
Criminals Carl and his wife May are plotting to steal ivory. When Ramar gets wise to this, Carl strangles him. Then he poisons the natives and blames it on Ramar.

White Man's Magic
A ventriloquist wanted by the authorities for stealing radium arrives at Ramar's camp with his dummy. The natives see the dummy and believe it is an idol. They steal it not knowing that the radium is hidden inside.

Voice of the Past
Ramar hears of a man accused of killing his wife by throwing her into a poisonous plant known as the "Devil Bush". He believes the man needs help, but the natives want their own justice.

Savage Challenge
A medicine man is trying to take control from the chief who is sick from blood poisoning. Ramar and Howard come to the chief's rescue.

The Lost Safari
Ramar attempts to locate a noted scientist and his assistants who have disappeared in the jungle.

The Golden Tablet
Nancy thinks her father, Dr. Arlington, is dead, but Blake takes her to see him and holds them both prisoner. A tape recorder provides a clue for Ramar of their capture. Ramar rescues them and returns the golden tablet to the natives.

Flaming Mountain
Dexter, Arlington, and Nancy are captured and held by the natives for stealing a golden tablet. Ramar returns it to the natives. During their escape their lives are in danger as they encounter a fierce volcano.

Zombie Terror
A mad scientist converts natives into zombies with electric shock treatment. Howard is to be his next victim.

Trail to Danger
Jungle thieves steal half of a map marking the location of a rich diamond treasure. Ramar saves the life of a prospector and fights the attackers who are searching for the other half of the map.

Jungle Treasure
Natives kidnap a beautiful young girl and Ramar attempts to secure her rescue.

Thunder Over Sangoland
A murderer tries to gain control of oil interests in the jungle by turning a tribe against the white men, but Ramar exposes the murderer, defeats the trickery and restores the tribal good will with the whites.

Evil Strangers
Kidnappers hide a wealthy industrialist in the jungle and choose Ramar as the contact for the ransom.

Dark Justice
Ramar is asked to examine a buried body hidden in a grave in the jungle. He discovers the man was poisoned and exposes the murderer.

Savage Fury
Ramar, Howard, and Willy discover two dead native porters and suspect they were murdered by two men claiming to be traders, but who are really gun smugglers selling rifles to the natives.

Queen of Sidonis
A jungle queen fiercely defends her precious jewels. Ramar comes to her aid when her throne is threatened by traitors.

Valley of No Return
The existence of the Afro-Continental railroad is threatened by accidents and desertions which almost doom its existence.

The Tree of Death
A missing wrist watch worn by a native provides the only clue to a jungle mystery. The solution is buried beneath the tribal tree of death.

This information is gathered from from 16mm film prints and reliable film collector sources, Internet Movie Database www.imdb.com, Epi-log Magazine, issue #19. and my personal 16mm film collection