Ramar of the Jungle
The Movies

Four theatrical movies were released by Lippert Productions from 1953-55. Each was a compilation of three episodes of one of the four different series' of television episodes.
White Goddess
White Goddess, 1953
Lippert, 73 minutes, b&w, directed by Wallace Fox.

Dr. Tom Reynolds (Jon Hall) returns to Africa to do research on medicines that are reputed to keep a "White Goddess" (Millicent Patrick) eternally young. With his friend Howard Ogden (Ray Montgomery), Tom rescues Trudy VanTyne, a trader's daughter, from savages who capture and hypnotize her, planning to make her a rival White Goddess. Two escaped convicts persuade the White Goddess, in reality the wife of another escapee, to flee with the riches, but all three are killed trying to escape.
Eyes of the Jungle, 1953
Lippert, 79 minutes, b&w, directed by Paul Landres.

Dr. Tom Reynolds (Jon Hall) and Professor Ogden (Ray Montgomery) venture to India where, with their guide, Zahir, they meet an Indian Guru. Howard is taken ill by a mysterious disease from a mark on his arm, natives are dying from encountering the flower of a mysterious plant, two Americans are caught trying to steal the Sacred Tablet of Vyasa, and members of a village are terrified of voices that appear to come from the sky.
Eyes of the Jungle
Thunder Over Sangoland
Thunder Over sangoland, 1955
Lippert, 73 minutes, b&w, directed by Sam Newfield.

Dr. Tom Reynolds (Jon Hall), and Professor Howard Ogden (Ray Montgomery) return to Africa as they are summoned by a missionary and his daughter whose lives are threatened by a jungle tribe. Itís a scheme by a couple of gold smugglers and a renegade native to have the tribes drive all white people out of the jungle. Ramar must rescue the girl from the perils of the jungle and once again make the jungle safe for white settlers.
Phantom of the Jungle, 1955
Lippert, 75 minutes, b&w, directed by Spencer Bennet.

Braving danger from hostile savages, Dr. Tom Reynolds (Jon Hall), Professor Howard Ogden (Ray Montgomery) and Nancy Arlington (Anne Gwynne) go into the jungle seeking her father, Dr. Arlington (Kenneth MacDonald), believed to have died on an archaeological expedition. They are attempting to translate the hieroglyphics of an ancient Egyptian tablet. They rescue him and after escaping an attack by savage Bessanos, all are safe. Ramar returns the golden tablet to the tribe.
Phantom of the Jungle

In addition, seven made for TV movies were released in 1964 by I.T.C. to capitalize on the popularity of the series. Each simply compiled footage from several episodes. They were:

Ramar and the Burning Barrier 1964, I.T.C., 82 minutes, b&w

Ramar and the Deadly Females
1964, I.T.C., 80 minutes, b&w
Ramar and the Jungle Secrets
1964, I.T.C., 81 minutes, b&w
Ramarís Mission to India
1964, I.T.C., 80 minutes, b&w
Ramar and the Savage Challenges
often mistitled Ramar and the Savage Challengers
1964, I.T.C., 83 minutes, b&w

Ramar and the Hidden Terrors
often mistitled as Ramar and the Unknown Terrors
1964, I.T.C., 83 minutes, b&w

Ramar and the Jungle Voodoo
1964, I.T.C., 78 minutes, b&w